Insensys launch new Fibre Optic Strain and Temperature sensing system (FSI)

23 March 2003

Insensys has launched a new Fibre Optic Strain and Temperature sensing system (FSI) for companies using composites, from design and development to structural health monitoring for damage and fatigue detection during service life.

The system is claimed to offer robustness, low power consumption and excellent performance at low cost, suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications.

The technology uses light to continuously monitor sensors at multiple locations on a structure to measure strain, temperature or curvature. The system comprises of 3 elements, namely the sensors written into a 25 micron diameter optic fibre, the FSI optical interrogation unit and a PC system running customised data acquisition software. This provides a non-intrusive and permanent system providing real time measurement of dynamic strains at multi-sensor locations for structural monitoring.

Fibre optic technology brings a number of advantages over conventional electrical systems: Multiple sensors on each optical fibre; long cable lengths; very small size and mass; no interference from electro magnetic interference; intrinsic safety; zero calibration drift etc. These can be embedded within composite manufacturing process or externally bonded and retro-fitted.

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