Axson Technologies Opens Its Sixth Production Site In Shanghai

23 March 2003

Axson Technologies has opened a new resin production plant for high-tech industries at Pudong, near to Shanghai. After Europe and the Americas, Axson is completing its implantation in Asia.

As Axson’s chairman, Lionel Puget, underlines: “China is the last stage making Axson the only global tooling and rapid prototyping company, with 6 production sites throughout the world today. We regard it as essential to be present in the same geographical zones as our customers to make the creative materials they require available for their development. Our aim is to systematically create a production site where the customer needs it most”.

Axson Technologies already successfully set up a site in Japan, in 2002, and is the first and only foreign resin manufacturer in that country. The company already realizes 6% of its sales revenue in Asia, after only 4 years of presence and this share should quickly increase to 15%.

According to Lionel Puget: “ This globalization strategy will enable us to become the world leader in resins and composites for creation within five years, and to significantly increase our market share in adhesives for structural bonding which is a part of the same service to our customers”.

Axson is anticipating in 2003 a 10 % increase in its sales revenue in a fairly bleak economic climate. Axson has doubled its sales revenue in 5 years, increasing from 22 million euros to 49 million euros 74% of which is realised outside of France.

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