Ashland and Plasticolors Deal Inhibitor Solutions

23 March 2003

Ashland Composite Polymers has completed an asset sale of its inhibitor solutions product lines to Plasticolors Inc., further strengthening the companies’ strategic alliance for providing innovative solutions to the composites marketplace.

In the transaction, Plasticolors acquired from Ashland its inhibitor solution product lines – known as MODIFIER E, MODIFIER H and MODIFIER L – and related technologies. The purchase price was not disclosed. “Ashland and Plasticolors have unique strengths in serving the thermoset-composites market,” said Scott Becker, Plasticolors’ chief operating officer. “This latest step in our continuing relationship enhances a strategic fit for both companies, allowing each of us to best serve our customers.” Having the inhibitor solutions portfolio will allow customers to obtain these products along with Plasticolors’ thickeners and color dispersions. Additionally, the inhibitor solutions will be available in Plasticolors’ wide range of packaging options.

“We will produce the inhibitor solutions to formulas and specifications that Ashland has maintained over the years, consistent with an attention to quality and service that Plasticolors customers expect,” Becker said.

Troy D. Wade, product manager for Ashland Composite Polymers, said, “Ashland’s focus remains on developing integrated systems and technology solutions offering superior value for customers in the thermoset-composites industry. By taking advantage of synergies such as this strong alliance with Plasticolors, we will continue to lead the industry forward.”

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