ICO Polymers Releases New Bonding Powders for the Textile Industry

11 March 2003

ICO Polymers has released a line of adhesive and bonding powders for a variety of textile applications, including wovens, non-wovens, carpet backing, and both short- and long-fiber wood composites.

Helga Dekempeneer, ICOTEX Market Manager in Europe, explains, ""We have successfully sold powders for textiles throughout Europe. We are pleased to spread our knowledge and expertise in this industry around the globe, particularly in North America.""

""The expansion of our North American product line to include bonding powders for textiles is a natural one,"" continues Charlie Busceme, Senior Vice President of Sales, ICO Polymers North America, ""and this is just the next step in our global commitment to set the standard for quality and service for all powdered polymer needs.""

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