Engineered Fibers Technology Broadens Fiber Selection And Services

26 November 2002

Engineered Fibers Technology has broadened its fiber selection and technical services for short-fibers and synthetic pulps / fibrillated fibers, and applications development.

Available fibers now include a wider range of acrylic, modacrylic, lyocell, polyester, PVA, polypropylene/ polyethylene, nylon, splittable bicomponent fibers, thermal binder bicomponent fibers and other textile type fibers. Various engineering/technical fibers including pitch and PAN based graphite, fibers Ni and Cu clad graphite, PEEK, PPS, melamine, high modulus acrylic and PVA, high tenacity polyester, VECTRAN LCP, PTFE, and quartz are also now available.

A fibrillated polypropylene fiber is currently under development. EFT is also continuing to expand contract research and development to address specific customer requirements.

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