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Airship Based Communications Platform

26 November 2002

Sanswire Technologies has entered into a joint venture with Telesphere Communications to launch a series of High Altitude Airships called ""Stratellites,"" that will allow Sanswire to provide high-speed wireless Internet access to the entire continental United States and parts of Canada and Mexico.

A Stratellite is similar to a satellite, but is stationed in the stratosphere rather than in orbit. At an altitude of 13 miles, each Stratellite could see an area of up to 300,000 square miles. Existing satellites provide easy ""download"" capabilities, but because of their high altitude, are not practical for ""two-way"" high-speed data communication. The Stratellite allows subscribers to easily communicate in ""both directions"" using existing wireless devices.

Made of Kevlar and using technology patented by 21st Century Airships, Inc., each Stratellite will be held stationary in the stratosphere and remotely controlled from tracking stations on the ground. Each Stratellite is designed to stay in one location, for up to 12 months, at which time, it would be replaced by a duplicate Stratellite, allowing a seamless exchange that will prevent outages to subscribers.

""One of the many advantages our High Altitude Airships have over existing satellite technology, is that the payload can easily be recovered, upgraded, and re-launched in a matter of hours,"" said Frank Lively, spokesman for Telesphere Communications, Inc.

Each Stratellite will be over two hundred feet in diameter, have a payload capacity of thousands of pounds, and is powered by a series of solar powered electric motors. In addition to Sanswire's National Wireless Network, proposed telecommunications uses include cellular, 3G/4G mobile, MMDS, paging, fixed wireless telephony, HDTV and others.

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