Admiral's Cup Victory for SP Boats

11 August 2003

The Australian team from the Royal Prince Albert Yacht Club sailed to victory in this year’s Admiral’s Cup and took first place in each of the two classes.

The Spanish team, Telefonica Movistar secured second place with Sailability from the UK coming in third. Wild Oats, sailed by the Australians, won the big boat class while the Ker 55, Aera, chartered to King Juan Carlos of Spain for the race, achieved a respectable second place but managed to come top in the big boat inshore races. Both Wild Oats and Bribon were constructed with SP materials and used SP’s structural engineering capabilities.

Wild Oats, a 60-foot sloop, was the brainchild of designers Reichel/ Pugh in California and was built by Paul Wrench of Azzura Yachts in Queensland, Australia. SP has had a close working relationship with Reichel/ Pugh since the 1980’s providing structural consultancy and composite materials for numerous projects. SP’s SE84 carbon prepregs were used throughout Wild Oats’ structural parts and an all up sailing weight of just 11 tonnes was achieved. The boat features CBTF configuration (Canting Ballast Twin Foil), and has created quite a stir in yacht design since her launch and success against much bigger boats. A fully composite, canting keel support structure was also developed by SP, with the incorporation of forward and aft rudders to allow the boat to sail windward with little or even no leeway and greatly reduced pitching compared to traditional configurations.

The Ker 55, Bribon Telefonica Movistar, is a full carbon, foam sandwich construction with SP’s Ampreg 22, Spabond 345 and SP 740. She was built to very high standards by Acheson Rossa in South Africa and represents a significant step in the evolution of IRM/ IRC boats.

In the small boat division (IMS 600) first and second place went to Aftershock and Pedro Campos’s, Telefonica Movistar. Both vessels are Rodman 42 semi-production yachts and were engineered by SP Technologies.

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