Cyclics Corporation Awarded Five More Patents

17 November 2002

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently granted to Cyclics Corporation has recently been granted 5 US patents, bringing the Cyclics' total global patent count to more than 50.

Sustained research and development efforts in the areas of new Cyclics resin polymers, compounded products and manufacturing processes have yielded technologies that increase the manufacturing productivity of CBT resin and extend the range of potential applications.

Two of the new patents describe new ways to create new block copolymers with Cyclics CBT resins to modify the melt temperature and flexibility of the resulting plastic. Another patent details improved methods to manufacture and purify the CBT resin. The remaining patents cover refinements of the CBT ""one part"" system, which allows processors to produce parts from a single catalyst-resin combination in a wide range of fabrication processes.

""We have strategically focused on the protection of new technologies to maintain our leadership in the development of ultra-low viscosity thermoplastics and product formulations that accelerate this new resin's acceptance."" said Gary Faler, Chief Technology Officer Cyclics Corporation. ""The materials and processes covered by these patents build upon our core technology and ensure the vitality of Cyclics' products.""

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