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Modular Advances in Autoclave Curing

01 August 2002

LBBC have substantially simplified the purchasing procedures for specifying and acquiring advanced composites curing equipment.

The traditional means of acquiring composites curing autoclaves has required customers to substantially research their performance needs and to specify many technical aspects in sufficient detail from which designers could produce original drawings for an individual one-off assembly.

Recognising the major customer concern is to improve their own efficiency levels by the ease with which new capital equipment can be brought on stream, LBBC have identified the needs of composites curing in fairly specific performance bands and have produced a new TC range of Thermoclaves, which are designed and manufactured on a completely modular principle. Instead of needing to calculate many factors of very complex equipment, customers can simply select an ""off the shelf"" complete composites curing solution from a range of five modular models each specifically scaled to cover the performance and capacity needs of easily identified areas of application.

The range takes strength from being well tried and tested which avoids an obvious potential problem element of individual bespoke assembly.

The area where customers can more readily specify their operating needs is control and here LBBC may have a few surprises. Having their own in-house control facility puts LBBC Thermoclaves® themselves well in control and well ahead in adapting new advances in technology and developing ideas to ease and extend process monitoring.

With control such a key factor in managing the complexities of consistency in advanced composites curing, LBBC can equip each modular unit with the precise range of control dedicated to the precise intended application and the customers individual method of operation.

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