Principia Partners Launches Practice on Polymer Wood Composites

13 December 2001

Principia Partners, a leading global monitor of the natural/wood fiber-based polymer composites industry, has launched a practice on polymer wood composites.

The Firm has a portfolio of research related to this subject beginning with its industry benchmark study three years ago. ""We have closely monitored the market for polymer wood composites through both syndicated research programs, as well as single-client engagements designed to assist industry participants with strategy development,"" according to Lou Rossi, Director of Principia Partners' Polymer Wood Composites practice. ""These programs have ranged from advising existing participants in how to better serve the market to developing new growth platforms for material suppliers and traditional building products companies. We are quite knowledgeable about the basis for competition throughout all levels of the supply chain, and what it takes to be successful in this industry. As a result, we would like to further assist companies currently involved in the business or considering possible entry into this segment. Much of the Firm's work in this area has been focused on North America, although interest has stretched from all over the world, including Europe, Malaysia, Australia, and China. Our new focused practice area will allow us to more effectively serve these companies.""

The Polymer Wood Composites practice will be staffed by several of Principia Partners' most experienced consultants. These individuals have both engineering and marketing backgrounds which allow for a more insightful ability to interpret the commercial impact of the technical developments taking hold in raw materials, equipment, and processing of these polymer composites.

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