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UCAR Composites delivers mold to Airbus

13 December 2001

UCAR Composites has delivered the first of seven large lay up molds to Airbus in Nantes, France under a new $ 3 million contract, the first awarded to a US-based tooling company.

The mold, among the largest in Europe, will be used by Airbus to manufacture composite skins for the Center Wing Box of the A380, double-decked passenger aircraft scheduled to enter service in 2005. This delivery represents the first tool received by any Airbus facility for the new aircraft and the first U.S. approved tooling supplier for Airbus -Nantes. The contract runs through March, 2002.

Airbus-Nantes awarded the contract for these critical components to UCAR Composites based on the Company’s ability to design and precision machine large sizes on a tight production schedule at the lowest cost. The Irvine, California Company operates a 100% “paperless enterprise” wherein design, customer approval, manufacturing, inspection and ISO-9002 are accomplished solely through electronic data transfer and various software applications. The Company is currently quoting additional large tools for other Airbus facilities in Europe.

UCAR Composites Inc. manufactures precision molds and other tooling in a variety of materials including metal, foam and monolithic graphite among others. The Airbus-Nantes lay up mold is made of INVAR 36, a low-thermal expansion nickel and iron alloy, is nearly 5 meters by 8 meters in size and weighs approximately 12 tons.

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