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DIAB releases new TriAx Scrim for ProBalsa

16 September 2002

DIAB is transitioning to a new scrim for its ProBalsa and ProBalsa Plus end grain balsa core product lines.

To allow core to conform to curved surfaces, DIAB processes ProBalsa in a GS (Grid Scored) configuration. The core is cut into small blocks (1 inch by 2 inches) which are held together with a fiberglass backing (scrim) to maintain a standard sheet size (2 feet by 4 feet).

The new scrim is a 2.0 oz/yd 2 fiberglass fabric with fibers oriented in the 0°, +45°, and -45° directions, thus technically labeling it a triaxial scrim, or TriAx for short. The traditional scrim is a 2.4 oz/yd 2 fiberglass cloth with a tight weave in the 0° and 90° directions.

TriAx is not only lighter than the previous scrim version, but also increases the direct surface bonding area between the core and the laminated skin. It features substantially larger “windows” between fiber bundles than other scrims. This increase in bonding area results in excellent skin-to-core adhesion, a necessity for good composite sandwich construction. An improved bond line results in a stronger sandwich panel. Through laboratory testing the skin-to-core adhesion improves by up to 10%.

Furthermore the new TriAx scrim has consistent glue content throughout, which ensures uniform scrim bond throughout the core sheet. Due to the fiber orientations, the tear resistance of the scrim during material handling is considerably higher than the traditional scrim.

Customers who have been introduced to DIAB’s new scrim are very positive about this change, and see it as an innovation in scrim technology to help achieve better results in their lamination process.

DIAB manufactures and markets ProBalsa, Divinycell, Klegecell, and Divilette. DIAB core materials and composite solutions make products light, strong, and competitive. Whatever the application, DIAB aims to partner with its customers in order provide innovative solutions. For more information or samples please contact DIAB directly or your local distributor.

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