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Three Killed in Bus Crash

24 October 2002

Three people died on the spot and 45 others were injured, seven, including the driver, seriously, when a Bulawayo-bound Kukura Kurerwa Bus veered off the road along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls highway yesterday.

Traffic police officers at the scene said the accident happened around 7am at the 385km peg, 30km from the spot where two weeks ago a commuter omnibus and a pickup truck collided head on, killing eight people. Traffic officers suggested that either the vehicle's crankshaft or brakes failed before yesterday's accident, causing the driver to lose control after trying to apply the emergency brakes.

Rescue workers said it was a miracle that only three passengers had been killed in the accident. They attributed this to the fact the bus was built of fibre glass and aluminium, not iron and steel.

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