Phoenixx TPC Expands And Relocates

08 February 2002

Phoenixx TPC has relocated its Thermo-Lite thermoplastic composite prepreg manufacturing operations into a new 26,000 Ft2 (2,600 m2) facility.

The new facility, in Taunton, MA, USA, is located about 10 miles from Phoenixx's previous operations. In addition to relocating the manufacturing operations, Phoenixx will relocate its corporate offices, as well. This move does not impact Phoenixx's golf shaft manufacturing operation in Vista, CA. Phoenixx is working with its customers to ensure that the move does not negatively impact their operations and inventory levels.

Commenting on the move, David Park, President of Phoenixx TPC stated, ""We are excited about our relocation to Taunton. The new facility provides us with additional space and power in both the near & long term as we continue to grow and expand our business."" Mr. Park further commented, ""As our business has been growing steadily over the past several years and we see rapid growth in the next few years, this new location will provide us with the infrastructure needed to support the level of business forecast in our business plan.""

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