Magnum Venus Products Key in Expansion of Sebico Product Line

24 October 2002

The Magnum Venus Products Ultra-Winder is the key in a new product division offered by Groupe Sebico based in France.

Groupe Sebico pioneered the design and manufacture of concrete water storage tanks in 1931, serving the construction industry in France. Used primarily by public works agencies and water treatment plants, these tanks were the staple of their product line.

As the construction industry grew, so did it's need for efficient, easily transportable materials. Recognizing this shift, Sebico opened a new division devoted to the roto-molding of waste water, sedimentation and rain water tanks. The roto-molded tanks were much lighter and more flexible than the concrete products, but were still limited in capacity and in size to less than 10m3.

Due to changing government regulations, customers were calling for a product with the size and strength of the concrete storage tanks, with the light-weight design of roto-molding. The Sebico engineering and design group studied several alternatives to their traditional methods, and determined that helical winding of polyester would meet their needs.

Helical winding would give their tanks the strength, size and longevity of a concrete product with the light-weight flexibility found in roto-molding. A wound fiberglass tank is easily transported and manipulated at the work site, and has the added benefit of standing up to corrosive environments longer than concrete.

In 1999 Sebico began investigating various winding systems, and determined that the Ultra-Winder, manufactured by the U.S. based company Magnum Venus Products, would best suit their needs. MVP, in partnership with their French distributor Matrasur Composites, worked with Sebico to ensure the system would perform to their specific requirements.

The Ultra-Winder, the top product in the Versa-Winder line, is a modular, computer-controlled filament winding system. The machine is controlled by a powerful computer utilizing innovative touch-screen technology and a Windows environment. The versatile software gives operators the choice of controlling the process at the winder or from a remote location in the facility, and will adjust automatically as necessary to any changes in the programmed pass.

At the core of the VersaWinder system is the patented, high-volume, low-pressure FIT pumping system. Independent laboratory and field tests have shown using a FIT pumping system will lower styrene emissions significantly over systems requiring higher pressures. Lower pressures require less air consumption, and will increase the life of the resin and catalyst pumps, shafts and cylinders. An added benefit to the FIT system is a substantial material and time savings through a reduction in the amount of waste material and faster clean-up.

With the versatility offered by the Ultra-Winder, Sebico opened a third division concentrating on the growing market of larger capacity, highly corrosion-resistant storage tanks using filament winding. They now have the flexibility of manufacturing parts with a capacity of 10 m3 to 50 m3 that will stand up to the pressures of storage both above and below-ground. At this time they are exploring the feasibility of manufacturing larger and smaller parts through filament winding to better serve their customers.

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