Hitco Wins Contract to Build Tail Plane Parts

24 October 2002

Hitco Carbon Composites has been awarded a new contract for the design and manufacture of the 7 Rib Truss structure for the Airbus A-380 airliner's vertical tail plane.

Working with Airbus Deutschland GmbH, located in Hamburg, Germany, Hitco will lead the design of the truss structure for the vertical tail plane. Along with the developmental and design work, Hitco will manufacture and assemble the vertical tail plane trusses for an estimated more than six hundred ship-sets.

""This award demonstrates Hitco's strength in design for manufacture. The Rib Truss program validates Hitco 's ability to innovate and solve complex composite manufacturing problems while reducing customer cost and program risk,"" said Paul Pendorf, Hitco's President. He continued, "" Hitco relies on 60 years of composite manufacturing experience to design and produce a primary structural design that reduces weight and decreases production cycle time. We are pleased that Airbus selected us as a supplier for this part of the Airbus A-380 program.""

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