Airbus Taps Sinmaywa and Others for A380 Parts

24 October 2002

ShinMaywa Industries Ltd, Yokohama Rubber Co. and Nikkiso Co have been tapped to supply parts and materials for Airbus A380 superjumbo jets, which are slated for commission in 2006.

Orders to the three firms are expected to total more than US$250 million, or in excess of some 31.2 billion yen, and in all three cases mark first contracts with Airbus.

ShinMaywa is to begin shipping in April 2004 components for attaching the aircraft's main wings to the fuselage. Yokohama Rubber will start producing and shipping water storage and waste tanks in March of that year, and Nikkiso will manufacture and deliver parts used in thrust reversers from November 2004.

All of the parts will be made of carbon-fiber composite materials.

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