Sprint is Marine Product Of The Year

18 January 2002

On Friday 4th January, SP Systems was presented with the British Nautical Awards Marine Product of the Year for its SPRINT technology. The BNA recognize the best in British boating in eleven categories, including Yachtsman of the Year, Young Yachtsman of the Year and Sailboat of the Year.

SP Systems' SPRINT is a new material and processing technology that has been used on boats such as the Nautor 45 foot Swan and the prototype for the new RNLI Fast Slipway Boat. SP Systems' Managing Director, Paul Rudling, who received the award on SP's behalf, said, ""We are delighted to win this award especially so against such strong competition. This is a very exciting technology for which we have great hopes and we believe that it will have a significant impact on the marine industry.""

SPRINT technology allows high quality composite components, with high mechanical properties and very low void content (typically 0 - 0.5%), to be produced rapidly and economically. SPRINT materials consist of dry fibre reinforcements, into which a thin precatalysed resin film has been inserted. When a vacuum bag is applied, the dry reinforcement provides a path for air to be extracted from the material, from between the SPRINT layers and from the mould surface. During the heat cure cycle the resin film softens, flows into the air-free reinforcement and yields a composite component with high fibre content, very low voids and excellent surface finish.

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