U.S. Cement to Distribute Basalt Fiber

18 January 2002

Hightec, Inc’s wholly owned subsidiary is planning to distribute basalt fiber products to the concrete industry. The company has recently received samples of ten products that it plans to distribute to the concrete industry.

They include:

Basalt Fiber in continuous filament roving, and twisted yarn.
Basalt fiber chopped in 2 mm and 1"" length suitable for concrete reinforcement and replacement of polypropylene and steel fiber
Basalt fiber in mesh form suitable for use in reinforced pipe, pillars, or replacement of wire mesh products
Basalt fiber in mat form for insulation
Basalt fiber in woven fabric form suitable for high temperature, high strength replacement of Kevlar products
Basalt fiber in 1/2"", 3/4"" and 7/8"" composite rebar (round, I-beam, and T-Beam) suitable for replacement of steel rebar.

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