Reichhold Introduces a Low-Styrene, Non-Roll System for Acrylic Backing

03 May 2002

Reichhold is introducing the Norpol Non-roll system, a low-styrene, non-rolling system for acrylic backing of sanitary applications such as bathtubs, shower stalls and trays.

The NORPOL non-roll system provides a wide range of benefits to fabricators including labor savings, shorter gel and cycle times, lighter parts and lower styrene emissions due to its low styrene content (less than 35 percent). An added benefit is the use of standard spray-up equipment along with the option of using automation, including robots.

The NORPOL non-roll system is based on technology transferred from Reichhold’s parent company, Dainippon Ink and Chemicals (DIC).

“Since 90 percent of each bathtub is sprayed-up without rolling, it essential eliminates a tremendous amount of labor cost,” says Per Pettersen, a Reichhold technology specialist. “Traditionally, most showers and bathtub producers had to roll on the resin. With this new system, only 5-10 percent of the rim area needs adjustment through rolling.”

For acrylic backing in bathtubs, shower stalls and trays, the NORPOL non-roll system yields the required stiffness at equal thickness as standard laminates.

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