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Compression Molds for Low Pressure Moulding Compounds (LPMC)

20 May 2002

A co-operative effort between tool builders Wheeler Boyce Co., Snider Mold Co., Inc., Galvanoform Gesellschaft für Galvanoplastik mbH and Hale Chrome Service has made possible a series of cost-effective tool design variations for LPSMC.

Until now LPMC has been unable to demonstrate its true potential. During start-up years of compounding LPMC was more expensive then SMC and was processed in the same capital intensive environment needed to deal with variances typical for SMC. Production Methods Corporation (PMC) is creatively integrating recent developments in LPMC compounding, tool and press design, have combined to present a novel approach to the manufacture of compression molded parts. The cost of LPMC is now competitive with SMC, while the performance in difficult moulding conditions is often superior.

Purpose designed “Shell Moulds” provide faster response time to satisfy the economic balance between overhead recovery and product cost.

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