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VMRS from Airtech

03 May 2002

Airtech Advanced Materials Group has introduced a new way to make tooling for aircraft repairs. In conjunction with Wright-Patterson Airforce Base and licensed from Lockheed Martin Company, Impression Master„¥ VMRS (Vacuum Mold Repair System) was developed.

This consists of a reusable rubber bag filled with a formable compound. This bag can be placed over a good part directly on the aircraft or on a spare part. When vacuum is pulled, the soft formable rubber bag takes a set to the exact shape. The Impression Master„¥ VMRS bag can be removed from the aircraft, still maintaining its rigidity and impression. The repair patch is layed up on the mold bag.

The laminate curing system consists of heater blankets in conjunction with a standard hot bonding machine or a hot air system generated by a heater/controller and can be circulated under a second rubber bag, covering the Impression Master„¥ VMRS. Once cured to the required temperature, the repair can be removed, and air let back inside the Impression Master„¥ VMRS bag. The bag will lose its shape, go soft ready to be used again and again.

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