Fluid Impingement Technology Receives U.S. Patent

01 March 2002

The United States Patent & Trademark Office has granted the U.S. patent for FITĀ® (Fluid Impingement Technology).

In an effort to anticipate the changing emissions control standards, the Magnum Venus Products Advanced Design Group developed the patented FIT line of products. Fluid Impingement Technology reduces emissions levels to new lows, exceeding EPA requirements.

Equipment design for the FRP industry has been focused on meeting the strict emissions standards set by the government. With F.I.T., those standards have been met. FIT works at power ratios of only 3:1 or 6:1, eliminating spray atomization. Systems with power ratios over 11:1 will produce high levels of atomization, essentially changing the system from impinge to atomized spray. During testing, tip fluid pressures as low as 15 psi were recorded using the Cipher Gun. These low pressures have many benefits to the manufacturer.

One benefit: Lower styrene emissions. Government Environmental agencies around the world are constantly re-evaluating the EPA standards and allowable styrene emissions levels for FRP manufacturers. Many are told to lower their emissions or cease operations until they can. In an effort to meet the ever-changing standards, manufacturers turn to new technology for the answer. FIT has been proven to be that answer. Several independent tests have shown that FIT has the lowest emissions in the industry.

Another benefit to the FIT systems is a substantial material and time savings for the manufacturer. With the lower pressures there is less resin used, a reduced amount of waste material and faster clean-up.

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