Rohm and Haas Enters Alliance With Cyclics

23 June 2002

The Morton Powder Coatings division of Rohm and Haas has formed a research and development alliance with Cyclics Corp. to develop low-viscosity powder coating formulations using Cyclics CBT resins.

The low viscosity of Cyclics CBT resin will help this business develop powder coatings to create thinner thermoplastic coatings than are currently possible with standard thermoplastics. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The Morton Powder Coatings research and development team will work with Cyclics to determine how the material can best be incorporated in powder coating applications. Cyclics resins offer the processing advantages of a thermoset, namely the low viscosity, but have the material properties of a thermoplastic when polymerized. Cyclics products are useful in structural composites, compounding and powder coating, where the water-like viscosity of these cyclic materials allow for excellent processing, extremely high filler volumes and unique polymer chemistries.

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