New Composite Testing Facility Launched

14 June 2002

Composite Materials Research (CMR) has recently been established to provide a composite testing facility to service the growing international composite marketplace.

CMR’s primary roles include research and development of resin formulations for high performance composites, plus quality assurance to determine level of cure in finished composite products

Specialising in thermal and thermomechanical analysis of materials, CMR caters to the QA and R&D needs of the plastic industry. Materials which can be analysed include elastomers, thermoplastics, thermoset liquid resins, composites, adhesives and coatings.

“CMR has already experienced strong growth and we are delighted with the response from manufacturers of resins, adhesives, paint and composites as well as powder coating companies,” said Heath Johnstone, Business Development Manager, CMR.

“Performance capabilities and quality assurance of composites can be greatly enhanced by optimising cure conditions,” Mr Johnstone said. “CMR services can also be used to improve mechanical properties, lower material costs, and even reduce production time and waste.”

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