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Vacuum Infusion Process DVD for Boat Building

31 July 2002

Master boat builder André Cocquyt, in conjunction with seven leading composites industry suppliers, has developed a comprehensive DVD, entitled ""VIP Resin Infusion,"" designed to assist boat builders in moving their production from traditional open molding to closed molding ""Vacuum Infusion Process"" or VIP.

An extensive preview of the DVD can be viewed on-line. Full topic listings for each module can also be found on the website.

Built in three modules, the DVD provides the most complete and comprehensive training program ever made for teaching the vacuum infusion process, train multiple employees with one DVD. A minimal investment in the VIP Resin Infusion DVD can provide boat builders with:

* Increased Productivity
* Environmental Regulatory Compliance
* Superior Quality
* Lower Unit Costs

This massive, detailed DVD program is structured in three modules: Beginner, Operator & Technician. Each module clearly and precisely conveys years of technical and practical know-how to boat builders about the Vacuum Infusion Process. It will play on inexpensive set-top players, combo TV/DVD units, computers, and even game machines equipped with DVD drives.

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