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10,000 psi Hydrogen Storage Technology

31 July 2002

Quantum Technologies has demonstrated an all-composite hydrogen storage tank that stores hydrogen at 10,000 psi (700 Bar). At 10,000 psi, 80% more hydrogen fuel can be stored in a given space than at 5,000 psi -- dramatically increasing the range of fuel cell mobile applications.

According to Syed Hussain, President and CEO of Quantum, ""This breakthrough in advanced hydrogen storage technology will have a positive impact on compressed hydrogen fuel cell mobile applications. A vital issue in bringing fuel cell vehicles to the marketplace is extending the vehicle range."" The 10,000 psi hydrogen storage capability of Quantum unique all-composite tank was confirmed through a hydrostatic burst test that achieved 23,500 psi burst pressure -- a 2.35 factor of safety required by the European Integrated Hydrogen Project (EIHP) specifications. EIHP is at the forefront of developing global regulatory standards for hydrogen storage testing and certification.

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