Crompton Expands Silanes Business in China

15 July 2002

Crompton Corporation is expanding its OSi Specialties business in the People's Republic of China (PRC) to produce and market organofunctional silanes used in coatings, adhesives, sealants, fiberglass, rubber, and electronics applications.

Crompton has formed a joint venture with the Nanjing Shuguang General Chemical Company, the largest producer of silanes in the PRC. Crompton is the majority shareholder in the joint venture, Nanjing Crompton Shuguang Organosilicon Specialties Co., Ltd., which will produce a wide range of products for the growing organofunctional silanes market in China and for export. Establishment of a manufacturing facility in the PRC is part of Crompton's commitment to a cost leadership position and a global supply network to support customers.

""We are committed to the expansion of our businesses in China, especially in important growth products such as silanes,"" said Vincent A. Calarco, Crompton chairman, president and chief executive officer. ""We are confident that the strong manufacturing position of our partner in China, coupled with our proprietary silane technology, will enable us to accelerate the growth of silanes in the PRC and throughout the Asia Pacific Region.""

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