Aurora Announces New Logo, 'Dot-Aero' Domain Name

15 July 2002

Aurora flight sciences corporation today unveiled a new corporate logo and a new internet domain address, """"

Aurora thereby becomes one of the first in the UAV business to move to the new ""DOT AERO"" domain names, a new domain specifically created for organizations in the aerospace industry. Aurora's domain name since its founding has been """" The switch to """" is expected to be complete by the end of the summer.

Aurora's logo has been redesigned for the first time since the company was founded in 1989. The original logo has two primary elements: the ""icon"" and the ""signature."" The ""icon"" combines aeronautical images of flow over an airfoil and feathers with a symbolic depiction of the earth, the sun, and the layers of the atmosphere. The design thus captures Aurora's original mission of developing advanced unmanned aircraft for global climate change research. The ""signature"" is a script representation of the name Aurora, intended to reflect the highly personalized nature of the small company.

The new design by graphic designer Jennifer Church of Falls Church, VA retains the central elements of the existing logo but updates it for Aurora's move from the environmental market into the defense market. The name of the company is now in a bolder, more readable type; the size of the signature relative to the icon has been increased; the icon has been updated in form to complement the bolder signature; and the words ""Flight Sciences"" have been added to the design. The color has been changed from fuchsia to steel blue.

""Together, these changes update Aurora's identity to reflect its growing role in the broader aerospace and defense market,"" said Vice President for Administration Kristine T. Miller. ""The company is growing rapidly, and the logo and the URL address will help people understand that we aren't just an environmental company anymore.""

Aurora Flight Sciences is a supplier of unmanned air vehicle designs, components, and flight services for government, industry, and academia. They specialize in high-altitude UAVs, and are a major supplier of composite structures for the Global Hawk air vehicle.

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