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Sikorsky Aircraft Doubles FiberSIM Capacity

28 March 2002

Sikorsky has purchased FiberSIM 3.4 from Vistagy to support their Process Tools 2000 initiative to expedite and automate design processes.

The new licenses will double the capacity for FiberSIM at Sikorsky, from about 200 to 400 users. Sikorsky will conduct trade studies with the software to evaluate the conversion from metal parts to composite materials on the upgraded Black Hawk UH-60M helicopter.

Using FiberSIM, engineers at Sikorsky will design composite parts and confirm their suitability as replacements for sheet metal and steel components of the Black Hawk airframe. FiberSIM 3.4 incorporates improved automation tools that enhance design definition and increase productivity. The new software will also be part of the ongoing design effort on the Comanche helicopter.

“For over ten years, FiberSIM has been essential to our standard procedure for product designs,” says Joe Goldberg, Ph.D., manager of Advanced Design Processes. “The software has consistently saved us design time and helped improve manufacturability. The new tools in FiberSIM 3.4 will extend those savings.”

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