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New Support from Government of Canada

24 March 2002

Innovative technologies that will help Canada and the world address climate change are the focus of eight projects receiving Government of Canada support.

Herb Dhaliwal, Minister of Natural Resources Canada, and David Anderson, Minister of the Environment, announced today that the Government of Canada is investing more than $7.7 million in new technologies that have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

""These projects cover a vast range of made-in-Canada solutions for cutting GHG emissions,"" said Minister Dhaliwal. ""These are smart business investments in initiatives that cut across industrial sectors, create new jobs in Canada and have strong export potential. And they will help the world deal with climate change."" The eight projects will receive $6.1 million from the Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM) component of the Climate Change Action Fund (CCAF), and approximately $1.6 million in other federal government contributions.

""TEAM projects are sustainable development in action C they address climate change, improve our air quality and our environment, and develop new economic opportunities,"" said Minster Anderson. ""Equally important, these projects demonstrate that Canadian businesses take their environmental responsibilities seriously.""

The eight projects will make significant reductions of CO2. One of the proponents is Polymarin-Bolwell Composites Inc. of Huron Park, Ontario, developing a blade-making technology for wind turbines in domestic and international markets.

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