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Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen Becomes Operational

08 March 2002

Based in the Chinese city of Shenzhen just north of Hong Kong and specializing in the overhaul of composite parts, specifically ARCs (airframe-related components), Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen has now become operational.

For Lufthansa Technik AG (LHT) this represents another milestone in its involvement in Asia, the most important growth market in the worlds air-transport sector. Henceforth Chinese and other Asian airlines will have access at a central Asian location to Lufthansa Techniks state-of-the-art procedures in the overhaul of thrust reversers, nacelles, radomes and other components made from composites.

On an 18,000-square-meter site on the grounds of Shenzhens Huangtian airport (Chinas fourth largest) Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen opened the doors of its workshop to airline customers on January 25th. Initially, in a shop area of 6,300 square meters it will have 40 employees engaged mainly in overhauling thrust reversers of the CFM 56-3 engines widely used in Boeing 737s. 12 of its staff will be working in engineering and administration, among them four experts from Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg, who will be assisting with the startup operations. Once the facility is fully up and running, ten thrust reverser halves will be serviced monthly in Shenzhen, and the number of employees there will gradually rise to over 100.

Even after the events of 11 September 2001 Asia remains the growth market of the worlds air-transport sector. Added to our overhaul center at AMECO in Beijing, which we share with Air China, and to the one in the Philippines, Lufthansa Technik Philippines, the newly established Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen marks a further step in our involvement in this key region, declared Lufthansa Technik executive-board chairman August W. Henningsen in Singapore. He pointed out that Shenzhens central location so close to Hong Kong makes it easier and less expensive to deliver to customers throughout Asia those heavy and unwieldy airframe-related components made from composites. These can now be serviced locally with all the know-how of Lufthansa Techniks globe-spanning alliance.

The aircraft builders and skilled workers in the crafting of metals employed at the Shenzhen facility received their basic training at AMECO in Beijing, where their knowledge of English was brought up to the required level. They then underwent months of on-the-job training at Lufthansa Techniks ARC workshops in Hamburg. This highly qualified staff plus the facilitys close proximity to local and regional customers plus Lufthansa Techniks many years of airline experience enable us to offer a very attractive product to our customers throughout Asia, Henningsen noted.

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