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Scott Bader forms partnership with Microban International

24 April 2002

Scott Bader has signed an agreement with Mocroban International Limited to use Microban technology in the manufacture of their Crystic gelcoats.

Both companies are delighted with the partnership. Graeme Manley, European Product Manager for Scott Bader said ‘This partnership has great potential. Scott Bader has a reputation for outstanding gelcoat products, technical excellence and innovation and Microban is the world’s leading global anti-bacterial brand.’

Microban protection is not a coating but an integral part of the product which is incorporated during the manufacturing process. It cannot be washed out or worn away and is used in over 450 different products from cutting boards to humidifiers, bath tubs to carpeting.

The need for maximum protection in environments where health could be at risk is critical. Hospitals and the food industry will be key beneficiaries of this new range of protection.

Contour Showers in the UK are already reaping excellent commercial benefits for the innovation. They use Crystic gelcoat with Microban for their specialist shower trays which are sold into hospitals and residential homes.

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