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Nemesis Air Racing chooses FiberCote prepregs

15 September 2001

Nemesis Air Racing has chosen FiberCote’s family of E-765 Prepregs and FAA Approved Lamina & Laminate Allowables Databases for the NemesisNXT.

Jon Sharp and Tricia Sharp of Nemesis stated “…The decision was easy because FiberCote’s E-765 prepregs offer excellent structural properties, easy processing, and the latest advancements in prepreg composite technology… FiberCote’s databases helped Nemesis meet its aggressive NXT performance goals without expensive and time-consuming material qualification tests… The close partnership between Nemesis Air Racing and FiberCote will utilize FiberCote’s prepreg materials and process experience and Nemesis Air Racing’s design, fabrication, and racing experience to bring a new level of competition to Sport Class Air Racing.”

NemesisNXT is a single engine, two place, high performance precision crafted kit aircraft with a retractable gear. The sleek, aerodynamic airframe will be a molded composite construction using E-765 carbon and fiberglass prepregs. NXT is the result of extensive wind tunnel testing, computer modeling, and nine dominating years in Formula One Air Racing and 16 world speed records with NXT’s predecessor, the Nemesis, which was recently retired to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

In addition to E-765/T700 Unidirectional Carbon and E-765/7781 Woven Fiberglass Prepregs, NemesisNXT kits will feature FiberCote’s new E-765/T700-12K 370gsm Woven Carbon Prepreg, which offers superior strength and stiffness, but at a substantially lower cost than previous generations of carbon fiber fabric prepregs. John Tauriello, FiberCote Director of Marketing and Sales, stated “… In addition to E-765 materials and databases, we look forward to providing close engineering and manufacturing support to help ensure that the NXT carries forward the Nemesis legacy.”

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