Toho President Retires

07 September 2001

Toho Carbon Fibers’ President, Mr. James A. Yoshida will retire today. He had held this position and demonstrated an excellent leadership role since the company was established in 1993.

TCF also announced that the Chairman of the company, Mr. Toshihiro Aoyama will assume responsibilities concurrently as the President of the company while Mr. Thomas F. Lemire will be promoted to Chief Operating Officer and Vice President, effective September 1, 2001. Mr. Aoyama worked for Teijin Limited prior to joining Toho Tenax (previously known as Toho Rayon). He serves as the Deputy General Manager of Carbon Fiber & Specialties Division and a Board Member of Toho Tenax, in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Lemire joined TCF at its inception, and has over 30 years experience in the composite industry. Most recently he has been TCF’s General Manager and also serves as an officer on the Carbon Fiber Management Council.

TCF is the wholly owned US subsidiary of Toho Tenax, and is an exclusive marketing arm of carbon fiber products from Toho Tenax and Tenax Fibers GmbH & Co. in Germany for the North American market.

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