Adam Aircraft Announces New Purchase Price

07 September 2001

Adam Aircraft Industries has announced the new purchase price of $750,000 for the next 10 delivery positions of the CarbonAero.

Vice President of sales Tom Wiesner said, ""We have sold over 30 delivery positions in eight months. This early success indicates to us that we are filling a true niche for aviators and that people are excited about the new CarbonAero."" Wiesner adds, ""The CarbonAero is right on schedule for 2003 delivery. Preceding that, our next major milestone is to fly a company conforming prototype in Summer 2002."" The CarbonAero is a 6-place, all composite, centerline thrust piston twin. Modern technology such as carbon composite structure, a glass cockpit and single power-lever engines make this a state-of-the-art aircraft.

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