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Polybeam introduced at Composites 2001

26 October 2001

Verdant Technologies introduced a new interlaminar resin transfer medium to facilitate vacuum infusion at Composites 2001 in Tampa recently.

Polybeam is a three dimensional knit spacer fabric designed to ease infusion under vacuum by maintaining a free-path for rapid and uniform resin distribution. It was used by Verdant when they were Premier Boatworks and had to find a way to reduce emissions due to local constraints. The company has since devoted most of their resources to developing ways to help other composite manufacturers comply with changing environmental regulations by developing non-styrenated, non-HAP, non-VOC gelcoats and resins and by helping manufacturers to switch from open to closed molding techniques. The company will visit with customers to demonstrate inexpensive ways to make the transition that do not require any major restructuring or retraining of personnel.

Polybeam is placed between the fiberglass and/or other material layers specified in the laminate schedule during the dry lay up of the part to be infused. Then the part is placed under vacuum and infused with resin. The Polybeam allows the resin to flow through the whole piece before the sure initiates, while also allowing for the use of fewer lines and vacuum ports than those used in other methods. “Polybeam allowed us to infuse pieces we couldn’t do before. We think it will help a lot of shops,” said Patrick Mack, Verdant CEO.

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