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U.S. Air Force Awards Bally Ribbon Mills First Phase of a $5.5 Million Contract

19 October 2001

The USAF has awarded Bally Ribbon Mills the first phase of a three phase $5.5 million contract for the development of 3D bias woven unitized structures for aircraft applications.

The contract is based on a Bias Woven Preform Development Program (BWPDP) that will span a period of 36 months. BRM, a leader in the manufacture of 3D woven preforms for aerospace applications, has been developing bias weaving capability under a number of USAF contracts. As a result of the success of these programs, the Air Force awarded BRM this current contract that incorporates bias ply fibers into 3D woven near-net-shape joint preforms.

“Current fabrication technology for unitized structures uses a hand lay-up process of overwrap plies. BRM’s weaving innovation will provide for the elimination of overwrap plies and will reduce the complexity and cost of fabricating unitized composite structures,” said Leon Bryn, Bally Ribbon Mills’ Technical Consultant.

Since its origin in 1923, the Bally Ribbon Mills has been involved in the design, development and manufacture of highly engineered woven products. The company is a specialist in developing woven 2D and 3D tapes, fabrics, preforms, near net shapes, polar structures, and braided products for use in aerospace, defense, bio-medical and industrial applications.

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