Major Global Semiconductor Manufacturer Converts to PEEK Material

19 October 2001

Entegris has received an order for Entegris' advanced wafer carriers, made up of a proprietary blend of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and carbon fiber, from one of the top five global semiconductor manufacturers.

The semiconductor manufacturer's decision to convert to Entegris' wafer carriers, made from PEEK material, is based on the product's potential to increase fab productivity and decrease yield loss. ""This is a very significant order for Entegris and it demonstrates that the industry recognizes the value of our products made from PEEK material, even in slow economic conditions,"" said Michael Wright, president of Entegris' microelectronics group. ""By converting to our wafer carriers made of PEEK, we expect this semiconductor manufacturer to see substantial value through increased productivity and yield allowing the company to be very cost efficient with its capital.""

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