Externally bonded FRP reinforcement for RC structures

19 October 2001

A new technical report on the design and use of externally bonded fibre reinforced polymer reinforcement (FRP EBR) for reinforced concrete structures has just been published by fib (international federation for structural concrete).

This report constitutes the work conducted as of to date by the EBR working party of the fib Task Group 9.3. It gives detailed design guidelines on the use of FRP EBR, the practical execution and the quality control, based on the current expertise and state-of-the-art knowledge of the working group members.

Following a general description of materials and techniques related to the application of FRP as external reinforcement of RC members, the report contains several chapters, with each of them devoted to one particular aspect of strengthening with externally bonded FRP. Separate chapters deal with the design and structural behaviour of concrete members strengthened in flexure, shear or torsion as well as confined members. Naturally, these chapters are followed by detailing rules and issues of practical execution and quality control. The last chapter provides information on special design considerations and environmental effects. The report can be obtained through fib:

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