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Reichhold Introduces Low-VOC, High-Flow Rate Infusion Resin

12 October 2001

At Composites 2001 Reichhold introduced Hydrex® 100-HF, a new family of low-VOC (less than 35% styrene), vinyl ester resins for resin infusion applications.

These resins are designed for long adjustable gel times and low peak exotherm (less than 150 F). They also provide excellent glass wetting with high flow and mold-fill rates, advancing the speed for the vacuum infusion molding process. Composite fabricators using available resin infusion molding processes will find Hydrex 100-HF is engineered to fit the process.

Large complex composite structures and molds can be created with Hydrex 100-HF resins by employing a number of infusion techniques where liquid resin is drawn under vacuum pressure into a closed-mold cavity sealed by plastic film membrane.

3TEX, Inc has selected Hydrex 100-HF as an integral component to its revolutionary “Boat in a Box” program. The ""Boat in a Box"" program combines “cut-to-shape patented 3WEAVE™ preforms and Hydrex 100-HF resin to deliver superior structural performance in a low-VOC manufacturing environment when used with resin infusion molding techniques.

Reichhold and 3TEX are working to advance resin infusion materials and applications in a market development agreement. Under the agreement, Reichhold will provide materials development and technical support offering resins that work with the 3Weave preforms used in 3TEX’s “Boat in a Box” program.

3TEX is already providing access to the technology for customer and partners purchasing the components as a system and sold as “Boat in a Box” products.

Brad Lienhart, 3TEX CEO said, ""This market development alliance is a major strategic step for the 3TEX Marine Products Division. We are pleased to join resources with Reichhold in the development of new resins designed to work uniquely with our 3WEAVE products. It will give our customers technologies that can change the rules,"" Lienhart said.

“Hydrex 100-HF expands the platform for Reichhold to address the changing needs of the boat building industry; quality, productivity and a MACT compliant manufacturing environment,” said Bud Sjogren, consumer/recreation market manager at Reichhold. ""We are creatively connecting knowledge and application in order to deliver 'total solution' manufacturing processes for our customers. We believe resin infusion will offer boat builders new design and manufacturing options.“

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