Holometrix Micromet Introduces Cure Monitor and is Acquired

12 October 2001

Holometrix Micromet introduced the MDE Series 20 Cure Monitor, the latest addition to its line of dielectric cure monitoring systems.

The MDE Series 20 enables the users of thermosetting resins, composites, paints and coatings to study the curing behavior of these materials in the laboratory and in actual processing environments, such as ovens, presses, molds and autoclaves. This versatile system has applications throughout academia and industry - in research, QA/QC, process development, process monitoring and process control applications. Typical applications include the study of cure rates, optimization of cure cycles, routine quality checks of resin reactivity, and the analysis of the curing behavior within a part or mold. Other applications include the determination of drying/curing times of thin films, the study of the dipole relaxations of polymers, the measurement of the dielectric properties of polymers, oils and lubricants, and diffusion studies of polymers.

In separate news, it was announced that the NETZSCH Group has acquired Holometrix Micromet from Metrisa, Inc. Holometrix Micromet will be merged with NETZSCH’s worldwide Thermal Analysis business to create a new company, NETZSCH Instruments, Inc

According to Dr. Wolf-Dieter Emmerich, Board of Directors, NETZSCH Holdings and CEO and President of NETZSCH Instruments, Inc., Boston, Mass., “The effects of synergies between NETZSCH and Holometrix Micromet are expected to be extremely high, particularly in the United States”. Holometrix, originally Dynatech Scientific, was founded over thirty years ago by faculty from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to provide instruments and testing for measuring thermal conductivity. Micromet Instruments was founded in 1982 from an MIT research group to provide instruments for cure monitoring. Holometrix acquired Micromet Instruments in 1998.

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