Pultronex Corporation Reorganizes of Management

01 October 2001

Gary Loblick, president of Pultronex Corporation, has left the company to pursue other business opportunities. Kuldip (Kelly) Delhon will assume the dual role as president and CEO of Pultronex Corporation.

Founded in 1998, Pultronex Corporation manufacturers and markets high-tech fiberglass products for decking, earth erosion, railing and scaffolding applications. Utilizing its' aerospace manufacturing process, Pultronex produces products that are very high strength, lightweight and corrosion resistant. The products rival the strength of steel at only a fraction of the weight. The products are marketed to high-level consumers as well as commercial and light industrial customers. Pultronex is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Pultronex Distribution USA is the sole master US distributor for the company and they are located in Scottsdale, Ariz.

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