Alliance between Smart Fibres Ltd. and Micron Optics Inc

11 November 2001

Smart Fibres Ltd. and Micron Optics Inc. have formed a strategic alliance to design application-specific systems for optical fibre strain sensing.

Optical fibre strain sensing (OFSS) offers capabilities to actively monitor in real time the strain that structures such as bridges, aircraft, pipelines, wind turbines etc. experience in everyday use. Optical fibre sensors are in use all over the world monitoring strain, stress, vibration, temperature and pressure. They can be built directly into structures and scores of sensors can be placed on single fibre several kilometres long. They are unaffected by corrosion and electromagnetic interference and immune to resistance heating.

Combining Smart Fibres’ extensive application know how with Micron Optics’ world class optical filter and swept laser technology will lead to the development of application specific instruments for different industries. When used with composite materials such as carbon fibre, optical fibre strain sensors can be embedded in structures so that the actual strain in the structure can be accurately measured in real time and relayed to control and monitoring systems, thus leading to improvements in structural design, material use and lifetime safety.

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