Halliburton KBR Receives Contract for Ultra Deepwater Spar/DDCV Study

09 November 2001

Halliburton KBR has been awarded a contract for a conceptual engineering study of a Spar/Deep Draft Caisson Vessel (DDCV) in 10,000 ft water depth in the Gulf of Mexico.

The R&D study is sponsored and funded by DeepStar, which is supported by 15 oil company participants and about 50 other contributor companies. Halliburton KBR, formerly Kellogg Brown & Root, is the engineering and construction segment of Halliburton.

The study involves engineering and costing of a Spar/DDCV for very large topsides and a large number of risers in ultra-deep waters. A high pressure and high temperature reservoir is specified. Three options for mooring system and riser design will be investigated: steel mooring with steel risers; polyester mooring with steel risers; and polyester mooring with composite risers.

A team of Halliburton KBR engineers from the Offshore Technology Division located in Houston began work on the project in early October with completion of the study scheduled for March 2002. The contract's scope of work includes providing conceptual design and analyses; developing major operations sequences and identifying key equipment needed for fabrication and installation; developing cost and schedule estimates; and documenting analyses, design, drawings, schedules, costs, findings and recommendations. ""This contract highlights our industry-leading technical capability for ultra-deepwater concept development,"" said Jan Veldwijk, senior vice president, Halliburton KBR's Offshore Operations. ""It also recognizes our spar-based production system technology capability.""

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