Portable Work Surface for Mobile Computing

18 May 2001

LapWorks’ new product offering is a portable work surface for laptop computers that allows users to conveniently operate their laptops where desks or work surfaces are not accessible. The LapWorks Original is lightweight, durable and ergonomically comfortable to fit and operate on the user's lap, allowing for continuous operation whenever and wherever mobile computing is required.

The engineering team has made the LapWorks Original extremely durable, utilizing fiberglass-reinforced plastic throughout and heavy-duty reinforced hinges for a virtually indestructible design. While folded, the portable work surface evenly absorbs impact to greatly reduce the possibility of damage, cracks or breakage occurring to the product itself.

The LapWorks Original is targeted to mobile computing professionals and consumers who spend approximately 17.7 hours per week online and continually use their laptops for a variety of home, work and remote use. This target market is most likely to use their laptops as passengers in cars, airplanes, trains, buses, etc., or in locations where computer desks are not easily accessible, such as airport terminals, engineering and construction sites, hotel lobbies, bus and train stations, waiting rooms, backyards, park benches or beaches.

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