Worldstar Accredited in Philippines

03 May 2001

CBN has acquired a ""Certificate of Accreditation"" from the Philippine government, which grants CBN the right to sell and distribute the WorldStar, a composite utility vehicle, throughout the Philippines.

CBN earned its accreditation after six months of meetings with officials involved in the process. Issuance of this certificate was difficult to accomplish primarily due to concerns from the government entity in charge of approving new manufacturers about the new technology involved in building the WorldStar. The accreditation required signatures from department heads of more than 15 government agencies in the Philippines. Among the endorsements were those of the Department of Science & Technology, the Industrial Technology Development Institute, the Bureau of Product Standards, the Department of Transportation & Communication, and the Land Transportation Office.

In response to the receipt of accreditation, John Banning, president of CBN noted, ""Not even the slightest modification or adjustment was made to achieve accreditation. Most companies going through the same process have been required to make some kind of change to satisfy the government's requirements. The delay was due to the government's unfamiliarity with composite construction and the strength and durability it gives the vehicle. After testing was completed, these agencies were convinced of the merits of the design. In fact, the Philippines Department of Transportation & Communication is now interested in purchasing WorldStar vehicles for government use.""

World Transport Authority Inc., the developer of the WorldStar vehicle, considers the Philippine Government's acceptance of WorldStar as an Accredited Manufacturer a significant milestone.

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