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Spartech Announces 'Class of 2001' Alloy Plastics

03 May 2001

Spartech Corporation has released a range of new ""Alloy Plastics."" This year, Spartech is releasing five thermoplastic sheet & rollstock alloys, one new thermoplastic compound, and one jointly manufactured compound/sheet product. The Company continues to develop these new proprietary products which combine advanced engineered thermoplastic compounds & additives with innovative manufacturing techniques -- together referred to as Alloy Plastics.

Spartech's ""Class of 2001 Alloy Plastics"" consists of: (1) Aero R-722, a low smoke and low heat release sheet product for the aerospace industry; (2) CamAlloy, a camouflaged TPO or ABS material targeted for outdoor recreation markets; (3) CastAlloy, a cast acrylic and thermoplastic composite, which will be sold primarily into the spa, bath & shower and display areas; (4) EXtreem PolyPro, sheet targeted for fiberglass and metal replacement in a variety of industries; (5) PackAlloy RP, rollstock comprised of recycled materials to serve the packaging industry; (6) ReinFORCE GRPP, a glass-reinforced resin compound, manufactured by our Spartech Polycom color & specialty compounds division, designed to replace various materials in the automotive market; and (7) SoundX, a unique blend of materials with sound abatement properties designed to serve the automotive and construction markets. These new Alloy Plastics, combined with Spartech's growing line of products, should continue to enhance existing customer applications, as well as open up new markets for all Spartech facilities.

Spartech is a producer of engineered thermoplastic materials, polymeric compounds, and molded & profile products which has over 50 facilities located throughout North America and one in Europe, with annual production capacity and sales of more than 1.2 billion pounds and $950 million, respectively. For more information contact Spartech Corporation at +1 (888) 721-4242.

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