SMC/BMC Seminar for the Electrical/Construction Industry

03 May 2001

The European Alliance for SMC is organising an Electrical/Construction Seminar to present an overall update on the latest developments in the Electrical/Construction industry, in the SMC/BMC field. An integrated part of the seminar is a tour of the ABB plant in Bergamo.

Official invitations with the lecture programme will be sent at the beginning of May. But, for now, please note the date in your diary - 6/7 June 2001.

They have arranged a contingent of rooms at the Bonaparte Hotel Bergamo, where the seminar will be held. It is close to ABB and 50 km from the Airport Linate (Milano). The seminar fee will be 150 Euro.

European Alliance for SMC, c/o AVK-TV, Am Hauptbhanhof 10, D-60329 Frankfurt, Phone: +49 69 25 09 22, Fax: +49 69 25 09 23

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