3TEX Partners With University of Delaware

03 May 2001

3TEX, Inc, a specialist in designing and developing revolutionary 3D fabrics and composites, announced today it has formed a strategic alliance with the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials. The strategic alliance will provide a wide variety of benefits for both organizations and will extend to 3TEX membership in the Industry-University Research Consortium.

Under the agreement, 3TEX will have vast new research resources and access to laboratory facilities and expertise in the area of intelligent Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM) processing and armor fabrication. Through its Defense and Ballistics Division, 3TEX is currently developing engineered armored products such as tactical plates, shields, barriers, and blast mitigation panels.

""The University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials is one of the leading composite research facilities in the world,"" said Dr. Mansour Mohamed, 3TEX Chairman and Founder. ""We are energized by our relationship with the center as we continue to develop new methods to design and create cost effective next-generation materials.""

3TEX and other leading composite companies like TPI Composites, Seemans Composites, and RL - Industries, are exploring new ways to use VARTM processes to produce enhanced composite materials in an environmentally friendly manner. Tests show that materials created using the VARTM process contain fewer defects and product variations. In addition, unlike traditional resin application methods, VARTM allows companies to apply resin in a ""vacuum"" environment, which prevents the release of emissions that could harm the environment.

3TEX 3WEAVE(TM) preforms made with straight fibers in the x, y, and z directions, are ideal for vacuum infusion and the straight fiber pathways significantly accelerate the resin consolidation process. ""Through enhanced and specialized VARTM processes, we will continue to advance our mission to become the leading designer and developer of revolutionary composite materials,"" said Brad Lienhart, 3TEX President and CEO. ""The Center for Composite Materials is an excellent resource and we look forward to a significant and mutually beneficial relationship.""

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